Allen Burke, CPCC  works with individuals who are open to new perspectives and willing to change their point of view.

The Opening Chapter In Your New Story...

If you’ve been considering opening a new chapter of a new story in your life, now is the time to begin.  Perhaps you have been limited by old images and beliefs about what is possible.  Maybe the path to what you really want seems littered with obstacles, doubts, and impasses; maybe it’s entirely obscured by years of ignoring the inner voice that knows what your innermost self needs and wants. You may have an idea of what success woud look like-what would be fulfilling, but have no idea of what steps to take or where to begin.  Or you may sense that change is imminent yet not have a clear picture of what you want to accomplish or where or how to begin.

Whether the change be in your relationships, your career, your personal fulfillment or your creative development, coaching can help you identify your core beliefs and values, and in so doing, help you find a life path that reflects you.

With the help and guidance of an experienced life coach, you can identify what has been holding you back.  You can begin to move beyond negative self-talk toward a positive, self-assured, true destiny that is unique to your desires, abilities, and interests.  Working  with a coach or mentor will challenge and reward you.  Sometimes a gentle nudge or a “kick in your assets” is all that is necessary to begin to manifest success.

If you’re ready to make real and lasting changes in your life and would like a COMPLIMENTARY COACHING SESSION, contact Allen Burke to schedule a session!

Allen Burke, CPCC

After 25 successful years in the printing industry, I concluded that chapter of my life and closed the book on that career. With so much to offer based on my 30 years in recovery,a practice of the 12 Steps as a way of life, and devotion to sponsorship and service, I wanted to work in a profession which would utilize my recovery experience. I found the Coaches Training Institute in San Rafael, California, where I acquired my coaching credential. I am now a member of the International Coaching Federation, adhering to its code of ethics and standards for coaches.

Coaching is my passion! In coaching, I carry the 12-Step model of recovery from addiction into the realm of emotional sobriety. The focus on emotional sobriety includes those who have been in recovery as well as those who have achieved some level of growth through other disciplines or spiritual paths.

My purpose in life is to be happy and I impart the power of choice and well being in my clients so that they can find happiness as well.

What Client's Are Saying

  • Allen makes you feel as though you're being heard and deeply appreciated as if by both a friend and mentor. He has a knack for zeroing in on pertinent points and inserting an affirmation or question or insight to move you forward. I have made transformative decisions.

    Caroline Day Interior Designer
  • Is there a word like "Wow" that actually still means something? Maybe it can be 'Allen'. If he weren't so comfortable and fun to be around, you might remember you were actually getting business done. But the results remind you. When someone is this skilled, they can afford to be relaxed, and so can you."

    Heidi F. Yoder M.S., MFT

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